Гоа — жилье Svelte Hotel and Personal Suite в Нью-Дели Saket

Go with the theme

If it is a wedding ceremony, then the decorators also need to be mindful of the theme of the wedding. Often, couples choose certain color palettes or themes for their special day. Consequently, it would look really bad if the venue does not match with the theme of the wedding. Most couples choose beige or light pink palettes, so the venue must also reflect that. From the flowers that adorn the place to the curtains and ribbons – the venue must be only for the couple.

This makes Svelte one of the best party halls near Saket. The decorators and organizing staff here will be really mindful of your wishes. Leave it to them, to ensure that the entire venue is tastefully and artfully decorated.


The most important aspect of any party is the food and the beverage! Fortunately, Svelte Hotel and Personal Suites come with its own in-house catering service. Consequently, you will not have to worry about booking a caterer and then ensuring they reach on time. You only have to ask the in-house catering service to serve the food on a special day! In addition to that, this catering staff is extremely well-trained. The chefs are masters in the culinary arts and know how to make different cuisines!

Subsequently, you just have to give them a list of all your preferred food items for the day and they will produce all of it. The food will undoubtedly be of high quality and lip-smacking. Your guests will enjoy the meals to the fullest. After all, no party is complete without great food!

Apart from the main course or dinner, the caterers will also look after the entrees or the appetizers. Small, delicious finger foods will be served continuously along with hot coffee or tea. There will also be quirky mocktails to quench the thirst of all the guests. These mocktails will especially come in handy near the dance floor to re-energize the ones who are busy dancing! If you feel like it, you can even ask them to set up a lemonade or fruit punch stall near the dance floor. This will make it a perfect venue for an anniversary celebration near Delhi.


One of the most important things about any event is that the venue is big enough for the guest list. You do not want your guests to feel uncomfortable at any point in time or feel overcrowded. There should also be enough space for small children to be able to run around because they are always in a flighty mood.

Svelte Hotel & Personal Suites has banquets of different capacities. Regardless of whether it is a small party with a small guest list or a big one, these banquets can accommodate all. So when you go to book one, ask about the capacity of the halls. You should enquire about both seating capacity and floating capacity.

The halls are also wonderfully furnished with modern furniture. The sofas and couches here are truly comfortable. Consequently, this will provide enormous relief to all the elderly relatives in your family. They will appreciate the comfort of the sofas as they sit on them and talk to each other. After all, keeping an eye on these small details is what will distinguish you as a great host.

In addition to that, the chairs and tables in these halls in the dining area are also wonderful. They are tastefully arranged and decorated matching the theme of the rest of the banquet. The seating arrangements will allow your guests to sit with each other and have a great time. All these things make Svelte one of the best wedding venues in Saket.

Mandap or ceremony place:

There are plenty of banquet halls in Delhi but not all of them are suitable for marriage or wedding ceremonies. For a proper wedding ceremony venue, it needs to have a proper mandap or a raised platform. The mandap should be placed in a distinguishable corner where everybody can sit and see. It should also have ample space for the priest and the bride and groom to sit in as well as the other commodities. The mandap should also be decorated nicely with fresh flowers on the day of the event for an extra effort! After all, this is where the real rituals will happen and a lot of eyes will be focussed here. In addition to that, a lot of pictures will also be taken with the mandap as the background.  Subsequently, the banquet hall in Svelte will be the perfect venue for a roka celebration near Delhi.

Is Saket your preferred area?

If your preferred area is Saket, and you are looking for “best anniversary celebration places near me” – Svelte Hotel and Personal Suites is the answer! However, Svelte Hotel and Personal Suites is not just great for an anniversary – it will be appropriate for any occasion you choose. It comes with the best party halls in Saket which are great for any occasion. They also have a range of amenities which makes it one of the most lucrative banquet halls in South Delhi.

People nowadays are still pretty averse to booking banquet halls. They worry about the cost, about the staff, about coordinating so many things. To them, conducting it at home seems like a lesser headache. Svelte Hotel and Personal Suites are definitely one of the best – it will make you forget all your doubts.


Pulling off a party in a hall is not possible without the help of the staff there. Rest assured, Svelte Hotel and Personal Suites come with a very trained set of staff. The management here is very courteous and hospitable to all your needs and preferences. The staff will go out of their way to help you and do what you asked for. With such a fantastic set of help, you will automatically feel all your burdens reducing.

After all, the party is also for you to enjoy. You cannot do so wholeheartedly if you are always worried and keep running around from one place to another. Let the staff of the halls do that for you and you will be free to celebrate the special occasion! This is what makes Svelte one of the best wedding venues in Delhi. The father of the bride or groom is often seen running around because they are the host of the party. With the help of expert staff, nobody has to be nervous anymore. 


We often have guests from out of town, who come in specially to attend our party. They have to look for a separate hotel to stay in. Booking your hall in Svelte makes it easier for all your guests. The svelte hotel has some of the best, top-ranked rooms and suites according to your guests’ preferences. Consequently, they can just stay here for the duration of their visit. The rooms are all amazingly furnished and the hotel in itself has all the amenities available here. From Wi-Fi to salon, your guests will feel right at home!

In addition to that, now it will be really easy for them to reach the party venue. They will not have to go through the hassle of locating it in a new city.

As it is, among all the party halls in South Delhi – Svelte is the most accessible one by far. It is really easy for all to reach regardless of their mode of transport. If your venue is accessible, then your guests will also find it comfortable to reach the venue without trouble.

This banquet hall also comes with parking or valet facility. Consequently, it will be so easy for your guests to park their cars and not worry about it.

Dance Floor

The best part about any banquet hall is the space. Most hotels turn some of that space into a dance floor. Svelte’s halls also have a great dance floor for all your guests to shake and groove in! Subsequently, you can also hire a DJ. The DJ will then play some of the best-known party tracks on loop. Consequently, it will be great entertainment for all your guests. In addition to that, the youngsters of the party will also enjoy dancing to the beats. To make your party extra special – you can also ask the DJ to take requests from the crowd. Consequently, if you are looking for great anniversary party venues in Saket, this is definitely one of them!

Идеальный пляжный отдых в SVELTE HOTEL & PERSONAL SUITE 5*

Пятизвёздочные отели на курорте Дели подарят отдых в прекрасных элегантных номерах, оборудованных всем необходимым. Многие номера отелей выходят на собственные лагуны или цветущие сады, а сквозь пальмовые леса слышится незабываемый шум океана. На обширной территории отеля вы найдете рестораны с итальянской кухней, гриль-бары, предлагающие восхитительные блюда из морепродуктов, рестораны с вегетарианской кухней, огромные бассейны разной формы, SPA-центры, кинотеатры, магазины, пункты обмена валюты, пункты проката автомобилей и многое-многое другое.

Выбрав тур с пребыванием в пятизвёздочных отелях на курортах Индии, будьте готовы к атмосфере спокойного роскошного отдыха, потрясающим отелям, окруженных зелеными пышными тропическими садами, красивым территориям с бассейнами и водопадами, изящному дизайну номеров и зданий в средиземноморском стиле, а также множеству экскурсионных маршрутов в мир старинных португальских владений и индийской культуры. Чаще всего в индийские отели категории 5* туристы едут на побережье Индийского оеана. Например, на побережье Южного Гоа любят отдыхать взыскательные туристы со всего мира, а также кинозвезды и политическая элита Индии.

Особенности отеля SVELTE HOTEL & PERSONAL SUITE в Дели

Здесь Вас ждёт исчерпывающее и подробное описание отеля SVELTE HOTEL & PERSONAL SUITE 5*. Объективные и бесстрастные, подробные фотографии ресторана и фото лобби отеля, фото бассейнов отеля, фотографии пляжа отеля, цветущих садов, фото видов номеров, и главного здания отеля SVELTE HOTEL & PERSONAL SUITE 5* с разных ракурсов помогут Вам с уверенно выбрать лучший вариант размещения на курорте.

Почти все отели 5* на курорте Дели – это современные прекрасные гостиницы, а на побережье эти отели конечно же расположены на 1-й линии от моря и с собственным пляжем, развлекательными центрами, превосходными ресторанами с хорошей кухней и высоким уровнем сервиса.

Отель SVELTE HOTEL & PERSONAL SUITE имеет благоустроенную территорию, укрытую в зелени тропических садов. Отдыхая здесь, вы сможете погрузиться в умиротворяющую атмосферу изысканного отдыха вдали от шумной туристической зоны северной части побережья. Рядом с отелем находится несколько SPA-центров, которые славятся своими процедурами. Гуляя по дорожкам пальмовой рощи, вы выйдете на широкий собственный пляж с белоснежным песком, залитый тонким солнечным светом. Вокруг отеля, на побережье, представлен большой выбор ресторанов, кафе и торговых центров.

На территории отелей 5* на курорте Дели есть абсолютно всё, что может потребоваться клиентам. Здесь вы найдете прекрасные и безупречно чистые пляжи, обширный выбор видов спорта и водных развлечений, уютные виллы в колониальном и средиземноморском стиле, красивые и ухоженные парковые территории, сувенирные магазины с ювелирными украшениями, текстилем, и изделиями ручной работы.

Для детского отдыха отели категории 5* предлагают отличные детские бассейны с мини-горками, детские клубы с опытными воспитателями, детское меню в ресторанах и игровые площадки.

Пятизвёздный SVELTE HOTEL & PERSONAL SUITE в Дели ждёт Вас!

Отель SVELTE HOTEL & PERSONAL SUITE 5* в Дели производит впечатление качеством отделки, дизайном интерьера и мебели. А размеры номеров, мебель, сантехника, ТВ, наполнение мини-бара и первоклассный уровень сервиса в номерах отеля гарантируют 100% удовлетворение.
Поскольку постояльцам отеля Svelte Hotel & Personal Suite предоставляется беспроводной доступ в Интернет WiFi (Платный), то поделиться с друзьями впечатлениями и фотографиями с отдыха можно не дожидаясь возвращения домой.

Многочисленные гости отеля SVELTE HOTEL & PERSONAL SUITE на курорте подтверждают его категорию 5 звезд. Отдых здесь выбирают ценители комфорта и хорошего сервиса.

Безмятежная экзотика на белоснежных пляжах в SVELTE HOTEL & PERSONAL SUITE (Дели)!

Здесь можно забронировать тур в отель SVELTE HOTEL & PERSONAL SUITE в проверенных турагентствах Велл. Но лучше сразу прямо здесь.

Best Suitable For

Cocktail Party

Anniversary Party

Family Function Party

First Birthday Party

25th Anniversary Party

50th Anniversary Party

Wedding Anniversary Party

Office Annual Party

Lohri Party

Business Dinner

Pre-wedding Celebrations

Reception Party

Kids Birthday Party

Baby Shower Party

Roka Ceremony

Haldi Ceremony

Engagement Ceremony


Brand Promotion

Stage Event

Product Launch

Naming Ceremony

Fashion Show


Dealers Meet


Sangeet Ceremony

Pre Wedding Mehendi Party

Bridal Shower

Cocktail Dinner


arty Halls Venues

Birthday Party

Christmas Party

New Year’s Party

Family Get-together Party

Childrens Party

Party Halls Venues

Go ahead and book a hall!

If you are still worried about party hall booking in Saket, do not be. It is now really easy to book the best banquet or party hall as per your needs. If you are searching for “party halls near me”, just go to Sloshout.com! The planners over there are experts in the organizing field. They know the best party venues in all of Delhi and how to book those. Once you consult the helpers at Sloshout, it will be really easy for you to book a hall. In addition to that, they will guide you through the entire process of reaching out to the hall and booking it.

It is no longer a hassle to book party halls or use one for your special day. Rather, it is now much more easy to avail the services of one because of how convenient and practical it is. Do not worry and just book a party hall! After all, if it is an important day – you do not want to miss out on it by running around. Be fully into the party or the occasion – let others handle the worry for you.


If you choose a banquet hall to host your party in, it must impress all your guests. They must enter the venue and find it amazing instantly! In addition to that, it must be aesthetic and eye-catching for all. After all, a great ambiance and environment can make or break a party. This is what makes Svelte one of the best anniversary party venues in Saket. It has one of the best ambiances found in the banquet halls in Delhi.

The lighting here is especially fantastic – not too in your face but really soothing and party-like nonetheless. The entire room is opulently furnished and has a really luxurious, lavish feel to it. The walls are decorated in the prettiest way possible. They will serve as really great backgrounds to all the pictures that your guests will click. After all, all of us love to dress up for going to a party or a celebration. Dressed to the nines, we want to take good pictures to post on social media. For that, an amazing background is needed. Rest assured, the décor at Svelte banquet halls will be the perfect ambiance your pictures need. Consequently, hundreds of love react to social media will be guaranteed!

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