Kamuela Villas


A quiet location and ultra private individual villa compounds surrounded by tall walls

Kamuela Villas consists of 13 individual villa compounds and a small lobby. There’s no restaurant, spa, or communal pool facilities are on offer. The pleasant lobby is decorated with light green motif wallpaper and upholstered vintage-style furniture, including a comfy couch and chairs for guests to relax on while checking in. Some bookshelves lined with paperbacks and displayed spa products add a homey vibe. The quiet location coupled with the privacy offered by the tall walls surrounding each villa equates to a tranquil setting well-suited to recuperating and kicking back. This high level of privacy is also what makes the property so popular with couples. 


On a quiet laneway, walkable to Seminyak’s famous Eat Street 

For those looking for a little peace and quiet, but still wanting to be close to the action, Kamuela Villas offers a good compromise. It’s located along a quiet laneway that’s still within distance from some of Seminyak’s most popular neighborhoods. Jalan Kunti I is located a three-minute walk from the hotel and offers some excellent restaurants, boutique shops, spas, and Bali Deli — a large grocery store and cafe that is well stocked with both imported and local food goods. Seminyak’s Eat Street (Kayu Aya Street) is located less than a 15-minute walk from the hotel and is jam-packed with world class dining, trendy bars, chic boutiques, and funky coffee shops. 

Seminyak Beach is a 10-minute drive from the hotel, and it’s quieter than neighboring Kuta Beach (a 15-minute drive) but it still offers the same great waves, white sand, and picturesque sunsets. Seminyak Beach is also a popular area for sunset drinks and there are a variety of great beachside bars that offer uninterrupted views. Hotspots include the laid-back boho chic La Plancha bar, casual fine dining at Chez Gado Gado, and the trendy Cocoon Beach Club. Both Kuta Beach and Legian Street (a popular nightlife area lined with Bali’s biggest nightclubs) are a 20-minute drive away. The airport takes 30 minutes to reach, although drive times can take longer during peak traffic hours as the area gets congested.


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Популярные направления
КутаУбудот 1360 p.показать
СеминьякУбудот 1360 p.показать
СанурУбудот 1360 p.показать
КангуУбудот 1484 p.показать
Аэропорт Денпасара «Нгурах-Рай»Убудот 1484 p.показать
ДжимбаранУбудот 1855 p.показать
Нуса-ДуаУбудот 1855 p.показать
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Беноа ПортУбудот 1422 p.показать
Кута СеверУбудот 1422 p.показать
СеранганУбудот 1422 p.показать
СукаватиУбудот 1422 p.показать
ДенпасарУбудот 1422 p.показать
ЛегианУбудот 1484 p.показать
Кута-СелатанУбудот 1793 p.показать
Храм Танах ЛотУбудот 1978 p.показать
Паданг-Бай ПортУбудот 2288 p.показать
БеноаУбудот 2288 p.показать
Паданг-БайУбудот 2288 p.показать
Танжунг-БеноаУбудот 2288 p.показать
Пляж БаланганУбудот 2349 p.показать
Канди ДазаУбудот 2473 p.показать
Юг КутаУбудот 2473 p.показать
УлуватуУбудот 2535 p.показать
ПекутатанУбудот 3215 p.показать
ПулуканУбудот 3462 p.показать
БунутанУбудот 3648 p.показать
СингараджаУбудот 3772 p.показать
ТуламбенУбудот 3772 p.показать
ЛовинаУбудот 3772 p.показать
ГианьярУбудот 3895 p.показать
ТегаллалангУбудот 3895 p.показать
АмедУбудот 4204 p.показать
КарангасемУбудот 4204 p.показать
ПемутеранУбудот 4266 p.показать
СелатУбудот 4390 p.показать
ГилиманукУбудот 5441 p.показать
БаньювангиУбудот 11809 p.показать
Популярные направления
УбудСеминьякот 1360 p.показать
УбудКутаот 1360 p.показать
УбудСанурот 1360 p.показать
УбудАэропорт Денпасара «Нгурах-Рай»от 1484 p.показать
УбудНуса-Дуаот 1855 p.показать
УбудДжимбаранот 1855 p.показать
Другие направления
УбудДенпасарот 1422 p.показать
УбудБеноа Портот 1422 p.показать
УбудСеранганот 1422 p.показать
УбудСукаватиот 1422 p.показать
УбудКута Северот 1422 p.показать
УбудЛегианот 1484 p.показать
УбудКангуот 1484 p.показать
УбудКута-Селатанот 1793 p.показать
УбудХрам Танах Лотот 1978 p.показать
УбудПаданг-Байот 2288 p.показать
УбудТанжунг-Беноаот 2288 p.показать
УбудПаданг-Бай Портот 2288 p.показать
УбудБеноаот 2288 p.показать
УбудПляж Баланганот 2349 p.показать
УбудЮг Кутаот 2473 p.показать
УбудКанди Дазаот 2473 p.показать
УбудУлуватуот 2535 p.показать
УбудПекутатанот 3215 p.показать
УбудПулуканот 3462 p.показать
УбудБунутанот 3648 p.показать
УбудСингараджаот 3772 p.показать
УбудТуламбенот 3772 p.показать
УбудЛовинаот 3772 p.показать
УбудГианьярот 3895 p.показать
УбудТегаллалангот 3895 p.показать
УбудАмедот 4204 p.показать
УбудКарангасемот 4204 p.показать
УбудПемутеранот 4266 p.показать
УбудСелатот 4390 p.показать
УбудГилиманукот 5441 p.показать
УбудБаньювангиот 11809 p.показать

Bottom Line

Kamuela Villas Seminyak is a mid-range boutique property located on the outskirts of Seminyak, along a quiet laneway just a three-minute walk from Jalan Kunti I Street, which is lined with popular restaurants, spas, and boutiques. Thirteen One- and Two-Bedroom Villas are available. Each villa is surrounded by tall walls for ample privacy, and all villas provide private plunge pools, living room areas, and kitchens. There are no additional facilities on the property besides the lobby, though both room service and in-room spa treatments are available. Inclusive in most room rates are daily breakfast, shuttle services, and Wi-Fi. For a step-up in style (and price) Maca Villas & Spa are a nice upgrade, and are located closer to downtown Seminyak and within walking distance to the beach.


Room service, free Wi-Fi, and in-room spa tratments

The all-villa property lacks standard hotel facilities such as a communal pool, restaurant, and spa. A small hotel lobby is the only facility outside of the villas. Most room rates are inclusive of breakfast, a fruit basket, a 15-minute massage upon arrival, daily afternoon tea with snacks, and free airport transfers. Room service is available until late, and is reasonably priced. The most popular dishes include pork ribs and pizzas. A free one-way shuttle service is available to take guests  to nearby Kuta and Seminyak areas. The hotel parking lot has plenty of parking spaces for guests. Wi-Fi is free throughout.

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