Datanla Falls in Dalat and Downhill on Electric Sleigh

IV – Other necessary information about Datanla waterfall

1 – Restaurants 

Near this tourist site, there are many restaurants and eating houses where you can come and have a meal after a long day of experiencing. Here are some suggestions: 

Datanla restaurant

– Address: in the tourist site, National Highway No.20, Prenn pass, Ward 3, Da Lat city

– Opening hour: 8am – 5pm

– Website:

Fujiya Sushi Dalat restaurant

– Address: 34 KQH Nguyen Cong Tru, Da Lat city 

– Opening hour: 11am – 2pm and 5pm – 10pm 

– Website:

Le Chalet Dalat restaurant  

– Address: No.06 Huynh Thuc Khang street, Ward 4, Da Lat city 

– Opening hour: 8am – 10pm

2 – Datanla waterfall tour providers

If this is the first time you have been in Da Lat and have not known the first thing about this beautiful waterfall, you should refer to reliable tour providers such as: 

Top Travel 

– Price: 950,000 VND ($40.9)/person

– Itinerary: climbing mountain cliff – climbing Datanla – walking in Prenn pass – alpine coaster

– Contact: 0939 880 920 

– Website:

Hoa Dalat Travel 

– Price: Updating

– Itinerary: climbing mountain cliff – climbing waterfall – walking in Prenn pass 

– Contact: 0981.62.62.43

– Website:


– Price: 1,650,000 ($71.1) VND/person

– Itinerary: Canyoneering – sliding waterfall – climbing fall – jumping cliff 

– Contact: 1900 636 732 

– Website:

It is hard to find a place where you can still admire the pristine nature while getting involved in modern, intriguing sports like Datanla waterfall Dalat. So, what are you waiting for? Why don’t you pack your suitcase and go right now? 

Linh An pagoda

Located about 20 meters further up the road the Linh An Pagoda is worth a visit as you’re right there anyway.

A fascinating pagoda, the Linh An has a few stunning features, namely its view and the phenomenally serene gardens behind it.

We didn’t see the garden at first. After removing our shoes and looking inside the pagoda we were walking down the stairs about to leave when we heard a monk shouting ‘hoi hoi’. We turned around to see him pointing us around to the back. We were very grateful.

The garden is a vibrant green and incredibly orderly and neat. There is a large statue of the happy Buddha and a row of other Buddhist deities. As you wander around you’ll also find an area with row upon row of perfectly aligned trees. The whole garden is unbelievably relaxing.

The final stop on day 1 of our DIY motorbike waterfall tour – Prenn waterfall

Pongour falls

We started our waterfall hunt with Pongour falls located about 45kms south of Dalat. The ride took us roughly an hour and a half. It was a Saturday and there was quite a bit of traffic coming through some of the towns. We also took a few wrong turns. Whoops.

How to get to Pongour Waterfalls

The ride coming down the mountain, away from Dalat is stunning. Most of the ride is through local towns and villages before you turn onto a dirt road. The views along this road are magical. Beautiful rolling hills, the fast-flowing river that leads to the falls and wide-open spaces. You’ll feel like you’re riding into nowhere, but every now and then a tourist bus or minivan will whizz past.

Pongour waterfall entrance fee – 20000 VDN per person.

Motorbike parking fee  – 3000 VDN

Once you get inside the gates the area is clearly set up for both foreign and local tourists. There are a  few stores and cafes along the top. There are large well-made paths, so it is easy to walk throughout the whole area. As you walk along you’ll see a huge happy Buddha. There are signs in English directing you down the stairs towards the waterfall. Just keep walking down and to the left.

When you get to the bottom you’ll see the thunderous cascading Pongour falls. The largest waterfall in Dalat, the rock walls of the waterfall are around 100 meters wide and 40 meters tall. The rock face is terraced and water flows down into a big pool at the base. You can walk out along a series of flat rocks and you’ll be standing in front of the falls.

The flow of the falls will vary depending on what time of year you’re there. In June, well into the wet season, the water was flowing quite quickly, and you can hear the thunderous sound of the falls and feel spray wash over you.

When you’re finished looking at the falls there is a small blue truck that will take you from the base of the falls to the top of the hill. There is a charge for truck to the top. We were quoted 30000 VDN for the two of us (15000 VDN each) which seemed excessive, so we just walked up the driveway. I believe if you have more people that will be divided by the total number, but we are not certain.

The next stop on our DIY motorbike waterfall tour of Dalat is Elephant falls.

Things to do and places to see

Dalat Railway Station.

Nice old train station of Dalat. Good for tourists. You can ride about 6 kilometers to the historic town in Trai Mat. Admission is free.
The cost of the tour on train 5,9 USD = 140 000 VND for the round trip. Location 11.941551,108.454348. Easy access by foot.

Old train station

Historic trailers

Schedule tourist train

Historic steam locomotive

Linh Phuoc Pagoda

Old (the last century) pagoda surrounded by construction of new buildings. Nice to walk, climb to the upper floors and look around. Location: 11.944517,108.49949. For 0,46 USD = 11 000 VND (one way) can be reached by bus #6 from Dalat. On the road about half an hour, interval of about 40-50 minutes.

Thahn That Phuoc

Wonderful and very beautiful little temple, although completely new. It’s good to combine it with a visit Linh Phuoc Pagoda, they are from each other in a 10-minute walk. Location 11.944296,108.502274

Thahn That Phuoc

Datanla Falls

Datanla Falls

Some time ago it was good place for walking around. Over the past three years has become a tourist destination.

  • Entrance fee 0,42 USD = 10 000 VND
  • At the bottom, the lift is now installed, at an additional cost 1,3 USD = 30 000 VND
  • Cost of a mini-cableway 1,7 USD = 40 000 VND
  • Cost of a mini-roller coaster 1,3 USD = 30 000 VND one way, in both directions 1,7 USD = 40 000 VND

Location 11.903467,108.449654. In accessibility on foot or by bus in 0,30 USD = 7 000 VND one way.

Catamarans on the lake

Catamarans on the central lake. Nice and relaxing pastime. Price 2,5 USD = 60 000 VND (not more than three people) for one hour. Location: 11.941541,108.440808. Just great to walk around and sit around the lake (Xuan Huong).

Crazy House.

The Daughter of second president of Vietnam, having studied in Moscow architect and lived there for 14 years, for some reason has been impressed not with the Russian architects but with Gaudi, and dad allowed her to experiment in the mountain town Dalat. Entry fee 1,7 USD = 40 000 VND

Cam Ly Falls

Waterfall of urban water runoff. Entry fee 0,42 USD = 10 000 VND Location 11.941767,108.420266

catamarans on Lake

Crazy House

Temple complex Truc Lam

Truc Lam

New constructions which are not very interesting to watch, a lot of tourists. However, there are complex, home to the monks themselves. Looks very interesting, but you can see it only behind the fence. Free. You can get there on foot (about 6 km) by bus from the city 0,30 USD = 7 000 VND + to one side a short walk or a cable car worth 3 USD = 70 000 VND for there and back, or 2,1 USD = 50 000 VND one way. Go down to the lake and walk around a bit. Location complex: 11.903677,108.435443

☼ Information of Dalat City Tour

✓ Pick-up & Drop-off: your hotel or anywhere in the city (pick-up from airport: extra USD20).

✓ Depart time: 08:30am | End time: ~04:30pm

✓ Inclusion: all entrance fees (excluded ticket of flower garden), car with driver, English speaking tour guide, bottle of water.

✓ No Inclusion: Lunch, cable car ticket ($3/pax), personal expenses.

For your private group:













Child Policy:

Kid under 1 metre tall will be free of charge (2 adults will have maximum free 1 kid)

Kid from 1 to 1.2 metre tall will be charged a half of adult price.

Kid over 1.2 metre tall will be charge as per adult.

Browse in Dalat Market

Source: Akarat Phasura / shutterstockDalat Market

Dalat Market is a great place to visit if you want to see a more traditional side of the city.

Here you will find some 1,000 shops which are located across several buildings and it appears as if there is nothing they don’t sell here.

You will find stalls piled high with colorful fresh produce, or there is also a rather gruesome fresh meat section.

As if that wasn’t enough, you can also find pretty flower shops as well as other stalls that sell bottles of the local wine.

This is also a good spot to pick up some local handicrafts like textiles and other souvenirs.

Linh Phuoc Pagoda

We visited Linh Phuoc Pagoda during the Vietnamese New Year, and it was pure madness.

The bus journey was already quite challenging, but we did not expect to meet so mane people near this attraction.

On the other hand, the crowds could not cover the fact that the pagoda is a true gem.

The temple is so colorful, walls are ornamented with mosaic, the tile-work is very photogenic when you focus on details, and large statues around only enhance the beauty. The glasswork is literally everywhere, so that was a reason why locals call the pagoda Ve Chai which means glass.

Also, do not expect to be here alone even during a regular period, because this temple is one the most famous ones in Vietnam, not only because of the interesting decoration but also because of a high bell tower.

At the moment the entrance to the pagoda is free, which is good news for all budget travelers.

Linh Phuoc Pagoda is in Trai Mat village only a short drive from Dalat, and you have three options here on how to get there.

Again, the easiest option is to rent a motorbike. Or hop on the bus number 6 on Tran Phu street (Xuan Truong is the final destination). Bus cost is very reasonable, around 20 000 VND per ticket.

A bit more expensive, but definitely a more unique way how to get from Dalat to the pagoda is by train from Dalat’s railway station (arrive a few minutes earlier before train departure so you can appreciate the building of Dalat Railway Station).

Datanla Falls

Entrance Fee: 30,000 VND ($1.50)Canyoning Fee: 800,000 VND ($40 per person)Directions to Datanla Falls

Many people come to Dalat for one purpose, canyoning, or climbing down a waterfall, and Datanla Falls is the best place for it!  You’ll have to reserve a tour ahead of time but as of Summer 2017 should cost you about $40 per person.  If that is too steep for your budget then you might not want to even bother visiting Dalat.  Actually, scratch that and shell out the money for canyoning because it is a totally unique adventure that everyone should try!

Canyoning in Datalna Falls.  Gif made with GIPHY 

Canyoning in Datalna falls is like having your very own natural, outdoor waterpark!

Thinking about going Canyoning in Dalat?  There are some inherent risks with that adventure and I highly recommend getting travel insurance before you go.  I used World Nomads and even though I didn’t need it the peace of mind it gave me helped me enjoy the trip so much more.  They are quite affordable and will give you an instant quote if you fill in the info below.

Your guides will teach you the basics of rappeling, provide all your gear and let you practice on dry land before you try the real thing.  We spent a half day going from one fall to the next with a few lazy river sections in between.  If you’re up for it they’ll show you where you can cliff jump and even let you ride down one of the waterfalls like a waterslide!  Canyoning in Datalna falls is like having your very own natural, outdoor waterpark!

Trek to Elephant Falls

Source: Dmitry Naumov / shutterstockElephant Falls

Like so many other attractions in Da Lat, Elephant Falls actually has another name which is Lieng Rewoa Waterfall, although the reason for this is that Lieng Rewoa actually means Elephant Falls in the local K’ho ethnic language.

This cataract is less visited than other falls in the region as it is more difficult to get to, but this means that you can skip the crowds on a trip here and just enjoy the peace and quiet of the lipid pools and gushing water.

The falls are also close to Linh An Tu Pagoda so you can easily combine a visit to both in an afternoon.

Death in Dalat, charming city in the hills of Vietnam…

This is how Lonely Planet describes Dalat, Vietnam.

Asia Vietnam


Dalat is quite different from anywhere else you’ll visit in Vietnam. You would almost be forgiven for thinking you’d stumbled into the French Alps in springtime. This was certainly how the former colonists treated it – escaping to their chalets to enjoy the cooler climate.

The French feel is compounded by a radio mast shaped like the Eiffel Tower and the local bohemian artists’ predilection for swanning around in berets. Dalat is small enough to remain charming, and the surrounding countryside is blessed with lakes, waterfalls, evergreen forests and gardens.

Read more:

This was where the 3 bodies were found: the Datanla Waterfall.

27 Feb 2016

Daily Times ‏@DailyTimes_DT 23h23 hours ago

Malay Mail Online ‏@themmailonline 5h5 hours ago

HANOI, Feb 27 — Vietnamese police yesterday found the bodies of three British tourists near tiered waterfalls in the country’s central highlands, an area popular with adventure travellers.

The trio, a man and two women, were found amid rocks and pools of water near the falls outside of Dalat, a mountainous city that draws tourists with its crystal lakes and scenic landscape.

It was not immediately clear how they died.

“We are working on the reasons for their deaths,” Dalat city’s deputy police chief Bui Duc Ro told AFP.

The British Embassy in Hanoi confirmed the deaths of three British nationals near Dalat and said it was providing support to their families.

“We are in close contact with local authorities in Vietnam on their behalf,” the embassy said in a statement.

State-run media said the two women were aged 25 and 19 and had entered Vietnam at the start of the month, but the police officer could not confirm their identities.

Dozens of emergency workers climbed down a steep rocky slope near the waterfall to retrieve the bodies, which were reportedly found with life jackets on.

Tanya Hines ‏@newsroomgirl 21h21 hours ago

The two women were named as Beth Anderson (L) and Izzy Squire in reports                

Three British tourists have been found dead near waterfalls in Vietnam.

One of the group has been named as Christian Sloan, from Kent, who was described by his family as a popular man who “lived for life”.

Two women aged 19 and 25, named in reports as half-sisters Izzy Squire and Beth Anderson, were also found near the Datanla falls, Lam Dong province.

Early investigations suggest one of the group slipped while exploring the falls and inadvertently took the others down.

Police have questioned a local man, but he has not been detained.

One of the tourists has been named as Christian Sloan, from Kent
…Nguyen Van Yen, deputy chairman of Lam Dong province, who was in charge of the operation to recover the bodies, told the BBC: “When we found the bodies, we found their helmets and safety jackets but no ropes.

“According to our initial investigation, after visiting the Datanla waterfalls, they went to the forest to another area for canyoning.

“On their way, they passed through a stream which flowed into a waterfall. Unfortunately a person slipped, taking the other two with them.”

The man who was with them was questioned by police but has not been detained, he said.

Megavina Vietnam ‏@MegavinaVietnam 30 Jul 2015 Vietnam

II. Highlights of Datanla Falls

Datanla Falls, one of the most tourist attraction places in Da Lat, is the combination of seven majestic waterfalls. Unlike most of the famous waterfalls with the magnificent mountain background, Datanla Falls lay under the murky forest canopy; and you could hear the sound of water from afar without seeing the falls. From the height of 20 meters, the cascading water flows through the rocky slope, then bounces off the large boulders, and leaves layers of marble in the stream at the bottom.

The thing that distinguishes Datanla Falls from the other waterfalls is its unique alpine coaster. With a total length of 2400 meters, this system is the longest roller coaster in Vietnam as well as in Southeast Asia. The alpine coaster would take you through the pine forest to enjoy the beauty of the falls from above. Besides, you would probably have a wide range of choices for stimulating activities there, especially the thrilling games.

III – Other interesting Datanla waterfall activities

1 – Climbing to the top of the fall

If you are not an adventurous kind of person or you just want to challenge yourself in a more conventional way, climbing the foot stairs crossing the pine forest to explore the whole waterfall is an irresistible idea. Entering the jungle, you can contemplate the cozy, fresh atmosphere, pristine nature while listening to birds singing and the brook babbling. With a length of about 200 steps equivalent to 1km and slight slopes, the track to the top of Datanla waterfall Vietnam will not cost you too much force. However, you should not be reckless because although the stairs are firmly constructed with cement, over the years, they are fully covered with moss. Moreover, the water from the fall sometimes flows through the steps, making them more slippery. 

To vary your experience, after climbing to the top, you can choose to travel by cable car on the way back to see if the scenery has anything different between when being watched from low distance and from a high distance. 

– Ticket price of Datanla waterfall cable car: 80,000 VND/person/turn ($3.5).

2 – Canyoneering 

The tourist site also provides canyoneering over the waterfall with a height of 20m. If you are confident in your health and would like to challenge your courage, you should get involved. Joining this activity, first, you must go through a short training course about climbing waterfalls, using equipment and flexibly reacting over unexpected accidents to ensure safety. 

Canyoneering at Datanla falls Dalat – Source: VnExpress

From the foot of the fall, you, equipped with safety gear, hold the rope tight, follow the slope and hit stones to ascend. Keep your body perpendicular to the cliff, lean a bit backward while your arms and legs simultaneously force to push yourself toward. 

At first, you may be a little unfamiliar with shaking and slow steps, yet once you are used to it, the higher, the better. In the middle, you can stop to observe the view surrounding Datanla waterfall, figure out the shape of the stones above your head or see flowers growing in the rock. The feeling of hanging on a rope, letting yourself afloat is so phenomenal. When you reach the top, looking down, you will respect yourself for bravery. Although there is the support of the zipline, you still have to hold on tight to minimize problems. 

– Canyon tour price: 1,656,000 VND/person ($71.4)

2 – Datanla waterfall roller coaster activity

Another adventure sport in Da Lat that gives you several strong emotions is the alpine coaster. This is also the longest alpine coaster in Vietnam. With a length of 1000 m, the system glides around the mountain cliff and the waterfall; therefore, it is a unique way to discover the beauty of the waterfall. 

Alpine coaster activity – Source: Kenh14

The alpine coaster in Datanla waterfall is heavily invested with an extremely sensitive brake system that can ensure the minimum distance with the car ahead. In each pipe are double cars so that couples and friends can go together. With a turn, you don’t need to take a 10-to-15-minute walk tiredly but still capture all the features of the waterfall in a faster, easier method. This is one of the most favourite activities in the tourist site.  

Ticket price: 

– Adult: 60,000 VND/person/one-way ($2.6); 80,000 VND/person/return ($3.4).

– Child: 30,000 VND/person/one-way ($1.3); 40,000 VND/person/return ($1.7).

4 – Kayaking in Datanla waterfall

This sport can not be claimed as risky but still brings you fascinating experiences. You can choose either way: racing with other groups or just leisurely sailing around. If you go in a group, it is high time to show off your team working, problem-solving,… In case you go alone or prefer a gentle way, rowing randomly to enjoy chilling moments with picturesque nature, cool breeze and clear water is rewarding as well.  

– Ticket price: 800,000 VND/person ($34.5)

Places to See in Dalat:

Datanla Waterfalls

While other attractions in Dalat include visits to the mountains, flower gardens, and lake, the waterfall is another Must-SEE of the city. Among the beautiful waterfalls in Dalat, Datanla is no doubt the most recommended one. You will have a chance to ride a thrilling roller coaster journey from the top of the falls through the woods.

Hours: 8 AM – 6 PM

Address: Prenn Pass, Ward 3, Dalat, Lam Dong

Entrance: VND 10,000 ($0.5)

Strawberry Home Gardens


Strawberry fields are popular in Dalat. If you would like to have a beautiful photo and enjoy the fresh strawberries, it is a good choice to spend time visiting these gardens.

It is worth noting that visitors can pick the strawberries by themselves and buy directly in the garden. Since they are fresh strawberries, the price could be a little higher than the ones sold at the local markets.

Dalat Flower Gardens


If you love flowers, Dalat Flower Garden is your ideal destination. In Vietnam, Dalat is named as the City of Love not only because of the great man-made constructions but also for its variety of flowers and plant species making up beautiful natural sceneries.

On the northern side of Xuan Huong Lake and covering an area of approximately 7,000 sqm, Dalat Flower Gardens are one of the most visited by the tourists. Coming to the gardens, you could be lost in a multi-color maze spreading the fragrances catching the visitors’ attention. And if you would like to bring a bouquet of flowers home, the garden owners are ready to sell one on the spot.

Hours: Daily from 7:30 AM – 4 PM

Address: Tran Quoc Toan, Ward 8, Dalat, Lam Dong

Entrance: VND 30,000 ($1.5)

Truc Lam Temple by Cable car

With around VND 50,000 – VND 70,000 ($2 – $3) per round trip for an adult and VND 30,000 – VND 50,000 per round trip for a child, you could overlook Dalat city in a very embracing view including the pine forest, strawberry gardens and flowers planted in the glasshouses. It guarantees a pleasant trip for every visitor. Moreover, the cable car will lead to Tuyen Lam Lake and Truc Lam Temple, which are the Must-SEE attractions in Dalat.

Lake of Sighs (Ho Than Tho)

Located in the East of Dalat, the lake used to be a swamp before the French built a dam to provide water for the city in 1937. At this place, there is a sad love folklore often told of a Vietnamese couple. They promised to unite after the war, but they all ended up killing themselves. At first, the woman heard the news that the man died in battle, so she was depressed and threw herself into the lake, but he didn’t die in battle. When he returned and sadly heard about his beloved’s death, he also threw himself into the lake. Since then, the lake was called “Than Tho” or “Sighs”, sighs for the depressed love.

Hours: Daily from 7 AM – 5 PM

Address: Ho Than Tho, Ward 12, Dalat, Lam Dong. 6 KM away from the city center to the east, along Quang Trung-Ho Xuan Huong Street

Entrance: VND 20,000 ($1)

Where to Stay in Dalat

Budget Hostels in Dalat

iColor Dalat Hostel – I didn’t stay in a hostel in Dalat but heard plenty of chatter about iColor Dalat Hostel.  it’s hard to beat their $4/night rooms and everyone says they have the best staff and chilll pad.  Better reserve a bed today.

Midrange Hotels in Dalat

Dalat Colico Hotel – We loved this cute hotel for only $7/night.  Run by a cute old lady who simply LOVES Dalat and her tiny pug, named Vodka.  She helped us arrange our Canyoning trip and runs a hotel that is great for a couple that would rather spend their money on adventure than accommodation.

Gia Pham Hotel – These are the highest rated rooms (on Booking) in Dalat for under $10.  Check them out and let me know what you think.

Luxury Hotels in Dalat

Flowers and Rocks Villa – A beautiful villa with lots of options between $20-$60 per night.  The Flowers and Rocks Villa has a wonderful decor and would be my hotel of choice if I were bringing my family or a group to Dalat, Vietnam.

Villa 288 – Stay at a beautiful villa for only $74/night!  You’ll have a sundeck with a mountain view and a homey feel.  Great for a family or if you’re staying a bit longer in Dalat.

Looking for other things to do in Vietnam?

  • Explore the caves and jungles of Phong Nha
  • Relax on Monkey Beach in Cat Ba Island
  • Trek through rice fields with a local tribe in Sapa
  • Explore Hoi An, a famous UNESCO site
  • Look for wild Gibbons at Cat Tien National Park

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