Komaneka at Monkey Forest Ubud


Spacious suites with well-furnished
verandas and impressive in-room entertainment

The hotel has 14 air-conditioned
suites housed in two-story modern blocks with views over a pretty field from well-furnished
terraces. Decor is clean and simple, if a little plain compared to similar
properties, with polished stone floors and contemporary furnishings. In-room
amenities are impressive, with minibars, free Wi-Fi, and flat-screen TVs with
Apple TV and DVD players. Modern bathrooms have twin basins, free bottled water, and robes and slippers. Most rooms also have free-standing bathtubs as
well as spacious walk-in showers. 


Chic swimming pool and attractive spa area with sunken hot tub

Breakfast is included in the rate and served in the Garden Terrace restaurant, which also has reasonably priced
lunch and dinner menus, though the food is uninspired. Drinks and meals can also be taken in a small seating
area by the main swimming pool, which is long enough for laps and lined with a handful of loungers. The spa is particularly pleasant with an attractive
upstairs lounge, impressive range of massage treatments, and a sunken hot tub. An on-site art gallery houses a good collection of modern and
traditional art from local and international artists. Free Wi-Fi is also
available throughout the property — not always a given in similar hotels. 

Bottom Line

The 14-room Komaneka at
Monkey Forest is an upscale, boutique resort set in tranquil gardens just
off one of central Ubud’s busiest roads. While not actually at Monkey Forest,
the temple complex sanctuary is a short walk away, as are most of the town
attractions in Ubud. Rooms are clean and modern, if a little uninspiring decor-wise, with
good technology and well-furnished verandas; villas have private pools. A decent spa and good-size pool complete
what is a top-notch hotel at relatively reasonable rates. Despite its bustling central location there’s a real sense of peaceful seclusion found here that’s usually reserved for properties further out of Ubud.


Arty upscale
chain resort set in tidy tropical gardens

While the approach to the Komaneka at Monkey Forest resort isn’t the
most impressive, the spacious thatch-roofed lobby is a stylish and
nicely presented area to check-in and enjoy a cooling towel and refreshing
welcome drink. The complex is set in lush and particularly well-manicured
tropical gardens with tidy lawns lined with clusters of bamboo, colorful exotic
flowers, and banana and passion fruit plants. The oldest of the Komaneka chain
properties, it started as an art gallery in 1998 and the hotel is still full
of attractive paintings and sculptures as well as having a permanent exhibition space. The
resort has a chilled out boutique vibe with — despite its bustling central location
— a real sense of peaceful seclusion usually reserved for properties
further out of town. 


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