Dragon Bridge in Danang Spits Fire

Da Nang + Hoi An Itinerary

This is a sample Da Nang + Hoi An Itinerary. I did not include my expenses for this leg of my Vietnam trip because my Vietnamese friend Hieu toured me around Da Nang and Hoi An so most transportation costs are free and some food expenses were shouldered by him. Overall, Da Nang is quite cheap and a backpacker-friendly city.

In Hoi An with Hieu

Day 1: Arrival in Da Nang from Hanoi

1:00 PM – Arrived in Da Nang from an hour flight from Hanoi via VietJet1:30 PM – Checked in at Chill Box Premier Hotel2:30 PM – Late lunch at Ba Duong (Bahn Xeo)3:30 PM – Hieu drove me to Son Tra (Monkey Mountain) where we waited for the sunset6:00 PM – Visited the Lady Buddha Da Nang7:00 PM – dinner at My Quang Tho

Day 2 – Beach Bumming in Da Nang

8:00 AM – Breakfast at the hotel9:00 AM – Beach Bumming at My Khe Beach1:00 PM – Lunch at Jollibee in Da Nang2:00 PM – Watched a movie (Joker, yay!)7:00 PM – Dinner, haircut, and went back to the hotel

Day 3: Explore Hoi An

8:00 AM – Breakfast at the hotel9:00 AM – Beach bumming again at My Khe Beach1:00 PM – Lunch at Gia Han2:00 PM – Visited Hoi An6:30 PM – Drove back to Da Nang7:30 PM – Dinner

Day 4: Depart Hoi An to Nha Trang

8:00 AM – Breakfast at the hotel9:00 AM – Beach bumming again at My Khe Beach11:30 AM – Check out at the hotel, went to the mall, lunch, coffee3:30 PM – Met Hieu at Wings Coffee6:00 PM – Depart Da Nang

Золотой мост

Золотой мост с двумя большими руками стал одним из самых ярких направлений города Дананг. Открытие прошло в июне 2018 года.  Его длина — 150 метров. Расположен на горе высотой 1400 метров. Мост изготовлен из прочного пиломатериала. Перила — из позолоченной нержавеющей стали.

Ночной мост

Мост находится на Ба На Хиллз, примерно в 30 километрах от центра Дананга. Один конец моста расположен на станции Marseille и в саду Thien Thai, другой в саду Le Jardin d’Amour.

Чтобы прогуляться по нему, придется купить входной билет на гору развлечений БаНа.

Точка на карте

Ba Na Hills

Адрес: An Son Village, Hoa Ninh Commune, Hoa Vang District, Danang City.

Цена входа: включает билет на канатную дорогу, золотой мост, винный погреб, сад Jardin и большинство игр в зонах развлечений Fantasy Park.

Взрослые (и дети выше 1,3 м): 700 000 донгов

  • Дети (1 м -1,3 м): 550 000 донгов
  • Дети (менее 1 м): бесплатно

Часы работы : с 8:00 до 18:30 ежедневно

Посещая достопримечательности, обязательно делайте побольше снимков. Они сохранят счастливые моменты на долго. Помимо мостов, в Дананге есть еще много интересных мест для изучения. Например: полуостров Сон Тра, пляж Ми Кхе, Мраморные горы, парк развлечений Asia Park.

Son Tra Night Market

Like we mentioned above, the Son Tra Night Market is just steps from the bridge. If you’ve been to other markets in Asia it’s similar to most, but actually larger than we expected.

Colorful stands sell generic trinkets and souvenirs, from magnets to bowls and jewelry. However, the best part of Son Tra is definitely its street food selection. Da Nang is known for seafood and this night market really shows out! 

While you can sample almost every seafood option imaginable we decided to go for something different on our last visit. For 70,000 VND (just under $3 USD) we ordered a massive bowl of mixed snails.

Now we know this isn’t for everyone, but paired with a couple local beers it was an experience we won’t forget. If you’re planning to grab some food or drinks at the market before the fire show we would recommended leaving yourself some extra time. 

  • Danang Market Guide: Are You a Tourist or a Local?
  • A Food Lovers Day in Da Nang Vietnam

Basic and Useful Phrases in Vietnamese

English is not widely spoken in Vietnam especially in the suburbs, here are some useful words and phrases in Vietnamese to help you communicate with the locals. Big thanks to my friend Hieu of Hieu on the Go for helping me out with the translation.

Thank youCảm ơn
You’re welcomeKhông có chi
HelloXin chào
How are you?Bạn khoẻ không?
GoodbyeTạm biệt
What is your name?Tên bạn là gì?
My name is GlenTên tôi là Glen
Nice to meet youRất vui khi gặp bạn
Do you speak English?Bạn có nói tiếng anh không?
I don’t understandTôi không hiểu
How much is this?Cái này giá bao nhiêu?
Too expensiveMắc quá
Can you reduce the price?Giảm giá được không
Turn leftRẽ trái
Turn rightRẽ phải
Go StraightĐi thẳng
Good morningChào buổi sáng
Good afternoonChào buổi chiều
Good eveningChào buổi tối

Marble Mountains

Marble Mountains (Núi Ngũ Hành Sơn) is one of the top highlights in Vietnam. What better way to start out your day than to go up a mountain! Located in the south of the city while you’re en route to Hoi An, Marble Mountains is a collection of five mountains named after the elements – water, metal, earth, fire, and wood.

While we didn’t get the chance to visit all of the mountains, we visited the largest and most popular mountain – Water Mountain. All the sights are at the top so you can either climb up a steep set of stairs or take an elevator. We opted to get some early morning exercise so we walked up. Expect to spend around 10 minutes to reach the top.

Head to the Sea Watching Tower where you’ll get a picturesque view of the other four mountains.

The mountain has several pagodas – Linh Ung Pagoda (Chùa Linh Ứng) and Tam Thai Pagoda (Chùa Tam Thai). Check out the Lady Buddha while you’re at the Linh Ung Pagoda as it’s one out of the three Lady Buddhas in Danang.

If you’re interested in caves, head to the large Linh Nham Cave (Động Linh Nham) and the Van Thong Cave (Động Vân Thông). The Van Thong Cave has a hidden path in the back which leads to the peak for additional views of the coastline.

Tip: Bring water if you decide to take the stairs up the mountain due to the heat humidity. Also, come early as it gets crowded with visitors on tour buses. 

While a tour isn’t necessary, you can choose to participate in a tour. Reserve a spot for a tour here

Admission: 40,000 VND ($1.70 USD) per person; additional 15,000 VND ($.60 USD) for elevator access

Address: 52 Huyền Trân Công Chúa, Hoà Hải, Ngũ Hành Sơn

Opening Times: 7:00am – 5:30pm

Check out the other four mountains from the Sea Watching Viewpoint.

How to get Dragon Bridge

From Da Nang

If you stay near the beach area, then go along Vo Nguyen Giap Street to My Khe Beach, then you will see the roundabout of Vo Nguyen Giap street and Vo Van Kiet street, then turn left, go straight around 1 km to another roundabout, go ahead and you can see this bridge.

In case your hotel located at the City center, head to Tran Phu Street, go to the end of that street, and you will see this bridge on the left side (this is a one way road).

From Hoi An

Unfortunately, the local bus just work till 17h50, so you only can do this transportation at the day time. Get on the bus, mention the to the ticket money collector (they don’t sell ticket, you just need pay to somebody) that your stop is Da Nang Museum of Cham Sculpture, then you just walk around 3 minutes, and can see the bridge on your right side.

If you want to ride your motorbike there, head to An Bang highway (near An Bang beach), go straight till you see a seafood restaurant named “Thanh Hien” on your left side, go slowly to the roundabout then turn left, go along Vo Van Kiet Street, skip the next roundabout, and here our dragon is.

Danang’s Beaches

My Khe (Bãi biển Mỹ Khê) or Non Nuoc Beach (Bãi biển Non Nước) are the two popular beaches in Danang.

My Khe is 30 kilometers (over 18 miles) and is located right in the heart of the My An area. Non Nuoc Beach is shorter at 5 kilometers (3.2 miles) is closer towards Marble Mountains.

Both of the areas have super fine sand, while the waters can be choppy depending on the time of day. Rent a lawn chair and enjoy the sunshine for a few hours.

Admission: Free

Address: Along the oceanside of Võ Nguyên Giáp and Trường Sa

Relax at My Khe Beach during your Danang itinerary. Photo credit: saiko3p via Depositphotos.com

Where to Watch the Dragon Bridge Fire Show in Da Nang

On the Dragon Bridge

Standing on the Dragon Bridge is the closest way to observe the fire show however, it does get very busy. The sides of the bridge often become crowded over an hour before it even begins.  With visitors hoping to find the best spot to observe the show. Hidden suggests getting there no earlier than 20 minutes before, this gives you enough time to find a good spot but avoids waiting around for a long time. After the dragon breathes fire, it sprays water therefore, if you do not want to get wet, avoid standing too close!

Da Nang’s Rooftop Bars

Not bothered about watching the fire show up close?  Then there are a vast range of rooftop bars available to choose from.  They all offer fabulous views of the fire show along with spectacular views across Da Nang’s city landscape. 

Capturing the show from a height has the added bonus that you have a view of the colourful lights reflecting across the water of the Han River.  Hidden suggests two rooftop bar options below. However, there are plenty more rooftop bars from which you can capture the Fire Show experience. 

7 Bridges Taphouse

Website – Address: 493 Đường Trần Hưng Đạo – Opening hours: 2.p.m – 11.30.p.m

Inspired by Da Nang, the City of Bridges, 7 Bridges is Vietnam’s first craft house brewery. Located along the Han River, 7 Bridges provides a perfect spot to watch the fire show along with fabulous views of the city.

Sky 36

Website – Address: 36 Bạch Đằng – Opening hours: 6.p.m – 2.a.m 

Located on Bach Dang Street in the heart of Da Nang city, Sky 36 is the highest sky bar in Vietnam. Due to its incredible height, Sky 36 has panoramic views over Da Nang City.  Thus ensuring great views to watch the Fire Show.

The Han River Waterfront

Alternatively, the Han River waterfront is a great location for watching the fire show. Not only is it a prime spot to observe the beauty of the Han River and the Dragon Bridge, but it also avoids the busy crowds located on the bridge. Sitting by the waterfront is an ideal spot to relax and watch the show.

7 Bridges Brewery Taphouse has an excellent view of the bridge and fire show

Мост Чан Ти Ли или Парус (Tran Thi Ly bridge)

Мощность и величие конструкции поражают, а мост Чан Ти Ли или Парус виден практически с любой точки набережной. Находится он всего в километре от моста Дракона и, с момента введения в эксплуатацию (2013 год), получил несколько международных наград за его инновационный дизайн. Подвесные кабели моста изображают перевернутую букву «Y», которая со стороны выглядит как парус, обращенный к Восточному морю. Считается, что мост с изображением паруса наполненным ветром, не только показывает очарование и нежность, но и символизирует стремление города для дальнейшего развития в будущем. Он имеет один из самых уникальных архитектурных стилей всех мостов во Вьетнаме.

Общая длина моста составляет 731 метр, а высота — 145 метров. Подшипники, расположенные под основными тросами являются крупнейшими когда-либо использованными в мостовых сооружениях во всем мире. Строительство моста обошлось в 65 миллионов евро и финансировалась правительством и городом. Генеральным подрядчиком проекта была вьетнамская строительная компания.

У этого моста очень интересная история. Он был назван в честь вьетнамской революционной активистки Чан Ти Ли. Она была членом Народной армии СРВ и Армии освобождения Южного Вьетнама. В течении последних двух войн Чан Ти Ли была подвержена жестоким пыткам в тюрьмах оккупантов, но она показала свою стойкость и храбрость, не выдав каких-либо революционных стратегий и планов своей страны.

Во времена французской колонизации Вьетнама, на месте нынешнего моста Чан Ти Ли, французы построили первый в Дананге мост, соединивший порт с центральной частью города. В то время он носил название Де Латр (De Lattre Bridge). Уже к 1955 году все французские названия улиц и мостов были переименованы и в период с 1954 по 1975 год мост был назван в честь вьетнамского чиновника Trinh Minh.

The Dragon Bridge’s Location

The Dragon Bridge is located in the heart of Da Nang, at the Le Dinh Duong/Bach Dang traffic circle. This 1,864 foot long bridge stretches across the Han River boasting spectacular views of Da Nang’s landscape. Da Nang, the largest city in Central Vietnam is one of the country’s principal port cities. The bridge plays an important role in the city’s improvement of urban transport infrastructure, connecting to many main routes across the city.

It also provides the fastest link from Da Nang International Airport to the city centre and serves routes to My Khe and Non Nuoc Beach. Its strategic location means that visiting the bridge is very accessible wherever you are based in the city. The fire show, in which the Dragon’s head breathes both fire and water in a spectacular display every weekend is located on the ‘beach’ side of the bridge, therefore, it is important to keep this in mind when travelling there.

The Dragon Bridge links Da Nang city centre to the beach side of town

Where to Stay in Danang

Danang has a variety of accommodations from budget hostels to all-inclusive resorts. Choosing where to stay in Danang depends on your budget and your location. If you’re looking specifically to hang out at the beaches, then stay on the My An area. Otherwise, the Hau Chau area has more of the local environment.

Here are some recommended places to stay based on the positive reviews.


CODI SEA Hotel & Travel is nearby the My Khe beach. It’s a new hotel that is clean and has a tour agency which can help you book daily tours. Check availability and make a reservation at CODI SEA Hotel.


  • Four Points by Sheraton Danang has a rooftop pool and is close to the My Khe beach. Check availability and book a reservation at Four Points by Sheraton.
  • Hyatt Regency Danang Resort and Spa is where we would stay if we had unlimited hotel funds. Although it’s farther away from the My Khe beach area, Hyatt Regency is a luxury resort at its finest. My sister’s Ironman event took place at the hotel so we walked through the beautiful premises. The outdoor pools and the easy access to the Non Nuoc beach make this resort a popular choice. Check reviews and make a reservation at Hyatt Regency.

Overall, we had an incredible time in Danang and wouldn’t hesitate to come back again. From your experiences with the historical and spiritual aspects to getting some relaxation, we hope you’ve made some incredible memories from your visit to this city.

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The Dragon Bridge

I was on a Grab taxi from the airport to my hotel when I first saw this bridge from a distance. I thought it was uniquely designed and it truly is a head-turner or attention-seeking piece of a public art installation. Three days later, I walked and crossed the bridge – and I was wrong. It turned out it’s not a temporary art project, but a permanent one. It’s a bridge, period.

From afar, the Dragon Bridge looks this.

This Dragon Bridge in Danang Breathes Fire and Water (Vietnam).

At any time of the day, the bridge is photogenic wherever you are along the Han River.

Not far from the bridge, you can leave a love padlock.

Measuring at 666 meters long, this well-known bridge is the longest in Vietnam.

This is, perhaps, one of the most unique bridges in the world.

Before you can walk on or cross the bridge, you’ll have to climb these colorful stairs.

One of the tourist attractions in Danang, Vietnam.

The Dragon’s Head. As you can see, it is made of steel. The bridge is pretty wide and has a total of six lanes.

This Dragon Bridge in Danang Breathes Fire and Water

The Dragon’s BodyWith pointed scales, its body looks like the dragon you see in books and it came alive right before you. Though the dragon is a mythical animal, in many countries in Asia, it symbolizes power and prosperity.

This Dragon Bridge in Danang Breathes Fire and Water (Vietnam)

The Dragon’s TailFrom its head to its tail, the consistency and the details of its structure are admirable.

This the longest bridge in Vietnam.

From the bridge, you can see Danang’s skyline on both sides of the river.

Danang Skyline from the bridge.

There are other bridges in the city but this Dragon Bridge is the most-visited and the most unique of them all.

This head spits fire at 9 in the evening.

Son Tra Peninsula

Son Tra Peninsula is a place that definitely shouldn’t be missed when visiting Da Nang. The scenic peninsula is located 10 km northeast of Da Nang City center and covers an area of more than 4,400 hectares with 3 sides of it bordering the sea. Son Tra Peninsula is considered as the giant green lung of Da Nang because of the rich nature and diverse fauna it is home to. The air here is very fresh and clean, according to the scientific research, every day the forest reproduces enough oxygen to provide it for 4 million people. Son Tra Peninsula is also home of many species of animals with 22 rare species listed in the red book.

There are many famous landmarks such as Linh Ung Pagoda with a 67 m high statue of Quan The Bodhisattva, over 800 years old tree Thu Tree and the exceptional 5-star resort InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort.

Opening Hours: All year round

Entrance Fee: Free

Events at Dragon Bridge

Featuring 15,000 LED lights, Dragon Bridge turns into a vivid dragon with a dazzling light effect so it’s best to be visited at night time.

2.1. Fire and water performance

In addition to making tourists be impressed by the architectural design, Danang Dragon Bridge is also equipped with a function that can astonish everyone when seeing it in the first time: dragon’s fire breathing and water spraying performance. The performance takes place at 9 PM on every Saturday, Sunday and holidays. If you are planning the trip to Danang, you should arrange at least one night stay in this city on weekend to enjoy this incredible scene.

Fire performance of Dragon Bridge

The first performance is a 2-minute fire-breathing show that comes in 2 turns with 9 times of breathing fire. The water spraying show comes right after that and lasts 3 minutes. It includes 3 turns but there is only one time of spraying water per turn. Watchers will surely be amazed by the dazzling lights combining with the fire and water that comes out from the dragon’s mouth, making it an incredible highlight in Danang City.

Best places to enjoy fire and water performance

Water performance of Dragon Bridge

• On the Dragon Bridge: Before the show starts, no vehicle is allowed to commute across the bridge. Therefore, you can enjoy the performance right on the bridge. However, you should stay away from the dragon’s head, or else you might get wet during the water-spraying show.

• From Tran Hung Dao Street: Tran Hung Dao street crosses the Dragon Bridge right under the dragon’s head so it is the best place to enjoy the performance. There are many sidewalk drink stalls along the street so you can simply take a plastic chair, enjoy local drinks while witnessing the spectacular performances. Love Bridge and Riverside Park located along Tran Hung Dao Street are the best spots to take good views of the show.

• From hotels and rooftop bars: A more exciting place to see the performance is from hotels and the rooftop bars near the bridge. From these positions, you can enjoy both the performance and the poetic beauty of the Han River.

• From other bridges: Other famous bridges over the Han River such as Han Bridge or Tran Thi Ly Bridge also are not-too-bad options. Dragon Bridge lies in between these two bridges and parallel with them, you can see the water and fire performance from one of two bridges.

• From night river cruises: Many river cruises anchor at the pier near the Bach Dang roadside, run along Han River, and pass by Dragon Bridge. Therefore, tourists take the cruise to watch the show in the weekend.

2.2. Danang International Firework Festival (DIFF)

Firework performance of Danang International Firework Festival

Annually, Danang International Firework Festival is held in Danang and this special event attracts a lot of locals, domestic and international travelers, and firework enthusiasts. Many fireworks competitors from all around the world will gather in this inspiring coastal hub for a spectacle of world-class pyrotechnics. The firework performances will be set off over the water of the Han River, Dragon Bridge is one of the best places to enjoy the firework displays. Viewing from these areas is free, but often crowded. Thus you should arrive soon before the show begins to find a good standing spot.

Things to Do Around the Dragon Bridge in Da Nang

Son Tra’s Night Market

Son Tra Night Market opened in 2018 and attracts a large number of locals and tourists. It is located along Ly Dam Ne street in Da Nang’s Son Tra district. The market contains over 150 stalls.  All of which sell an assortment of unique items such as souvenirs, hand-crafted jewellery, clothes, shoes and so much more! It also offers unique entertainment and is a prime-location to try the local dishes of Da Nang. Due to its close proximity to the Dragon Bridge, it is an ideal location to combine with the attraction.

Bạch Đang Street

Bạch Đang Street is considered the most beautiful street in Da Nang, boasting spectacular views of the city. Therefore its location on the left-hand side of the Han River, makes it ideal for viewing Da Nang’s impressive urban landscape and the unique fire show.  Bạch Đang turns into a walking street from 7.p.m every night, with the appearance of many attractions. In the evening, the magnitude of city lights reflect off the Han River, amplifying its beauty. Due to the street containing an array of bars and restaurants, it is a great place to visit and experience either side of the Dragon Bridge Fire Show. This street is the perfect location to observe the vibrant city of Da Nang.

Bach Dang Street and the Da Nang river at night.

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Marble Mountains

Marble Mountains is the place that shouldn’t be missed when visiting Da Nang. This tourist attraction is located only about 8 km from the center of Da Nang and it only takes about 15 minutes to reach it. Marble Mountains consists of 5 mountains: Kim Son, Moc Son, Thuy Son, Hoa Son, and Tho Son. Normally, tourists come here to visit Thuy Son, which is the largest of the mountains. There are also several ancient temples and caves to explore. If you will climb to the top of the mountain, you will see the beautiful scenery of Da Nang City and the beach. At the foot of the mountain, stone sculptures village by Non Nuoc artisans can be found.

Opening Hours: 7:00-17:30

Ticket prices for visiting Marble Mountains in 2020:

  • Admission Fee: 40,000 VND per person
  • Elevator Ticket, 1 way: 15,000 VND per person
  • Elevator Ticket, round trip: 30,000 VND per person
  • Am Phu Cave: 20,000 VND per person

Admire the Coffee Culture

It is no secret anymore that Vietnam is a paradise for coffee-lovers. Da Nang is dotted with hundreds of coffee shops. From traditional street cafés to ultimate high-end coffee shops.

You can pay anything from 10.000 Dong to 65.000 Dong.

We prepared a huge guide to the best coffee shops in Da Nang. We also put all the cafés on a map, so you can easily find them.

Read: 14 best coffee shops in Da Nang

In a nutshell, our favorite places to get a coffee in Da Nang are:

  1. Golem Coffee Shop
  2. Joy Box (former 85 Design Cafe)
  3. Hide Out Café (Anna’s favorite!)
  4. Memory Hostel Café
  5. 43 Factory (Matt’s favorite!)
  6. Bookaholic Hostel and Café
  7. Cloud Garden

Good to know: There are offers for coffee tastings in Da Nang. You can find them on Airbnb Experience.

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